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How many different kinds of OS do you want to run? July 27, 2007

Posted by mikiss528 in Tools.

In these days, there are so many operating systems (a.k.a OS) are available.

We can devide those OS in 4 different systems, as MS Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix.

As you know, MS Windows is the major operating system in the world and many different versions are in the market. (Vista, XP, ME, Win2000, Win2003 Servers, and 98/NT.)

And second most used OS is Mac, I believe, and Mac OS X is the main OS.

At this point, let’s assume that you are using Windows XP and you are a power user, who does so many stuffs with computer such as programming, photoshop, high graphic 3D game, and run many other programs.

One day, if you do need to do all those task above at the same time, then does your Windows XP system can handle?

Probably not at all. In the middle of your task, your machine will be freezed or fail.

Sometimes, Windows OS is not capable with what you really want to do. ( you might have to use different OS to finish your task.)

Then, here is my question though. Can you run different OS in the same machine at the same time?

The answer is YES. The solution is VM-Ware Server Software with little bit of your investment on your machine to upgrade to run better.

If you go online, you can buy 500GB HDD about $150 and you can upgrade your RAM with little cost.

Since VM-Ware Server is freeware version of virtual machine. As long as you have enough space of HDD and powerful hardware in your machine, you can run many other OS systems in your machine at the same time.

VM-Ware Server allows you to install all different kinds of OS as virtual machine. Another words, even though your base OS is Windows XP, you can run Mac OS X, Linux-Ubuntu, Windows 2003 server, and Unix in Windows XP at the same time. That means, you can work on Mac for Graphinc work, Linux for programming, Win2003 for test or setup server environment, and Unix for other stuff, and Windows XP will be used for basic task such as internet, word processing, and wrap-up the work.

If you want multiple OS in your machine, then I highly recommand VM-Ware Server



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